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Covid-19 Rules & Track & Trace

The Club has appointed 2 Covid-19 managers. 

Benny Tring - Head Coach & Mike Lee - Social Media Officer

Both have completed the Covid-19 Officer training recommended by BHUK and are fully certified, below, as well as being active members of the 'BHUK (England) Covid-19 Return to Play - Manager's Group'.

In accordance with the recent advice provided in the recent BHUK President's Blog (dated 13th August 2020 and 6 September 2020) the Nottingham Vikings Ball Hockey Club are fully in support of the DCMS submission and are abiding by the 'Return to Play' document.


Training is conducted in small groups, and activities are limited to 'socially distanced' running, stick-handling, passing, shooting etc. If the number of attendees exceeds 6, then the session is either split into to separate, consecutive hour-long sessions, or the training groups are divided into separate pods (e.g. the groups run and pass in small groups at opposite ends / sides of the court).


Training is by invitation only and the attendees are managed in a Private Messenger Group. 

Training is being held Outdoors only.


We are currently avoiding full scrimmage play, as clearly this would involve close-quarters contact. We are also not engaged in any full game play (friendlies etc) until advised otherwise.


The following clauses are being actively promoted and adhered to:

  1. Contact details maintained (see track and trace log below).

  2. Team members have been encouraged to share specific health concerns in relation to Covid in advance of training and any concerns are to be communicated directly and confidentially to the coach.

  3. We do not share equipment. New starters (without hockey experience) are issued with temporary, pre- and post-sanitised sticks and gloves, but are encouraged to purchase their own equipment asap for subsequent sessions. No other equipment is shared during the sessions. Water bottles are clearly marked with names / numbers. Ball are sanitised between sessions, albeit they are only handled by players wearing gloves. Cones etc are handled by the Coach.

  4. Hand sanitisers are made available at every session.

  5. Currently there are no plans to re-commence training in a hall, but should this become viable, then this will be determined by a separate and full risk assessment based on the venue, size and facilities.

Note: A full risk assessment has been completed for the temporary outdoor training venue at Hickings Lane, Stapleford. This report is available upon request.

Track & Trace
● Details of all participants are retained for 21 days (attendees from the last 8 sessions, over 4 weeks (28 days) are visible below, and regularly updated.

● All training attendees within a 21 day window will be contacted in the event that a participant contracts Covid symptoms. This will be inclusive from the last day that the participant attended.
● Contact details are held by the Coach only. No personal details (other than names which are already available on team roster page) are held on this website.


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